In this episode, Kip & Cody discuss how we've all become mindless zombies in an age of instant gratification and entertainment. But, more importantly, they talk about how they went zombie shooting and how entertaining/instantly gratifying the experience was!

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Kip & Cody are joined by special guest Dennis Mott to talk about the Winnipeg tech industry's version of battle of the bands: Techapalooza!

Please excuse the lower audio quality of this episode, our goat processing power is not what it used to be. 

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Kip talks about his failed attempt to track down a ghost bus bound for Waterbaloo and Cody swears by the ice-melting properties of beet juice.

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Cody's back from Disney World! So, in this episode, Kip & Cody talk about whether being into tech ruins or enhances the child-like wonder one can get out of modern day Disney magic.

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New year, new podcast!

Well, not really... But, Cody's going to Disney World! So that's something...

In this episode, Kip & Cody wax nostalgic of a time when there might have been somebody still using the phrase “wax nostalgic” and when Kip never got his Red Ryder BB gun. If you have fond memories you’d like to share with us, email us at

In this episode Kip & Cody attempt to talk about past events, but can’t even remember what they did in the last 24 hours. If you can provide insight into any of our previous experiences, email us at

Cody reports back on his first try at using muscle-memory while playing guitar for hand physio. Kip reports on his failed attempts to feel less hot in bed. Plus, a special shout-out to famed rap producer: William Shakespeare.   As usual, email us at to tell us everything we did wrong… Or something nice is welcome as well.

Grandma Elmo

In this episode, Kip & Cody talk about the adrenaline rush you get when ordering a coffee from Tim Horton’s. We want feedback! Subscribe to our feed and email us at to tell us how everything we’re doing is wrong.

Kip & Cody have an intense philosophical discussion on all-inclusive resorts; while diverging into the lighthearted topic of online advertising, and the overall political/social implications of art and media.

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