Kip & Cody try recording remotely for first time and hilarity ensues! Well, not really. Things are just as un-hilarious as usual.

This is fine.

Kip & Cody have absolutely nothing to talk about this week. The world is completely normal and everything is fine. Definitely no deadly virus threatening every single human's way of life and shutting down all modern nicities of socialized civilizations.

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In this episode, Kip & Cody lament over the slight inconveniences of the conveniences created by everyday technology. Ok, that's pretty much every episode... So, no surprises here. Cody talks about his millennial gym again and Kip has a rant.


New year, new gym membership!

Kip & Cody set the bar real low with this first episode of 2020 and read their first listener email!

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In this episode, Kip & Cody flawlessly verbalize the intricate minutiae of effective communication while cooking spaghetti noodles using salsa... Wait, what?

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All Legs

In this episode, Kip races a mutant leg-monster and Cody talks about how the movie Joker may be the absolute worst feel-good family comedy of the year...

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In this episode, Kip & Cody discuss how we've all become mindless zombies in an age of instant gratification and entertainment. But, more importantly, they talk about how they went zombie shooting and how entertaining/instantly gratifying the experience was!

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Kip & Cody are joined by special guest Dennis Mott to talk about the Winnipeg tech industry's version of battle of the bands: Techapalooza!

Please excuse the lower audio quality of this episode, our goat processing power is not what it used to be. 

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Kip talks about his failed attempt to track down a ghost bus bound for Waterbaloo and Cody swears by the ice-melting properties of beet juice.

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